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Grave Expectations

Planning the End Like There's No Tomorrow

Have you ever been at a funeral, turned to the person sitting with you and said, "I never want you to do this to me. When the time comes, remember I'd like ..." Well, this is a book to collect those thoughts so you can put them down and forget about them -- knowing they are expressed for the right people to see and act on at the appropriate time.

Everybody's going to die. Nobody gets out alive. Death is the one thing you can absolutely count on. Why then are people so reluctant to plan for it?

Full of humorous and poignant funeral stories and first-person accounts, Grave Expectations - Planning "The End" Like There's No Tomorrow, like the perennially popular wedding planners that line the shelves of every bookstore, is the ultimate handbook, packed with creative suggestions for realizing one's final wishes. This is a book that gives people permission to memorialize their lives on their own terms and in their own ways. This is a lively book about preparing for death; it's not a book to be afraid of. Who knew arranging a funeral could be fun?

"Having difficulty mustering a celebratory mood in advance of what looks to be the grimmest of New Years? Why not just bury yourself in arrangements for the one event where all and sundry will be (you hope) truly bummed out -- your funeral. Who knows, you might even enjoy yourself. Especially if you consult Grave Expectations: Planning the End Like There's No Tomorrow,... Interspersed with practical if often wildly opinionated advice...and funereal factoids... this fill-in-the-blanks, do-it-yourself handbook will allow you to, as the chapter called "The Visitation/Viewing" has it, 'wake up to the possibilities.'" -- Alida Becker, New York Times blog "Paper Cuts"

"Few of us can face the idea of planning our own funerals - but authors Carmen Flowers and Sue Bailey argue we all should, and have fun while we're at it! In their book Grave Expectations, they spell out how to address 'death's pesky details' and ensure that your funeral really is about YOU. You won't be there, so you've got to do some things in advance, if you want to have a say." -- AARP Primetime Radio