Graced by Waters

Personal Essays on Fly Fishing and the Transformative Power of Nature

Foreword by Paul VanDevelder

About The Book

John Dietsch—fly fishing coordinator and stuntman for Brad Pitt on the timeless film A River Runs Through It—explores our connection to the outdoors through the prism of fly fishing and investigates its transformative and healing power in the face of loss.

In this inspirational and humorous collection of essays, author John Dietsch sees his addiction to and passion for fishing as a parable that can help us shift from compulsive thinking to mindfulness and a closer connection to God. From creating fishing scenes on the set of A River Runs Through It in Montana, to directing fly fishing shows in New Zealand and from exploring deep canyons in California to guiding in Colorado, John shares his experiences and asks the question: what are we really fishing for? Through John’s  journeys across the globe, we discover that the same pursuit in fishing—of what is elusive but attainable—can be applied to our own spiritual journey. In the end, Dietsch uncovers his own truth under the rocks of a childhood river, recognizing the loss of both his brothers as the path of acceptance and faith that is graced by waters.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Savio Republic (April 28, 2020)
  • Length: 208 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781642934472

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Raves and Reviews

"Dietsch manages to spring free the dusty wonder of our lives on the edge of such mystical waters and holy places—for one more precious glimpse at the evening rise—before the noche obscura of our forgetting shuts the door forever."

– Paul VanDevelder, Author of "Coyote Warrior," Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize and American Book Award

"John Dietsch has written a profound book of short stories, beautifully held together with a thread of spiritual wisdom. Not only are the tales vastly entertaining, but gently moving as well. I found myself eager to begin the next chapter but wanted to allow the perfume of the current story to settle in me before moving on. I also very much liked that I learned a great deal about fly fishing, something I knew almost nothing about. Entertaining, instructive and wise. What more could I want in an easy to read book? Highly recommended."

– Bok, Author of "Words Out of Silence"

"Want to go fishing?... How about catching some spiritual wisdom about being in respectful relationship with nature and the transformational powers of water? John Dietsch's new book weaves all of this together in an entertaining and informative read and is a reminder to do what you can to protect the health and beauty of Mother Earth and her wondrous creations."

– Dr. Tom Pinkson, Author of "Flowers of Wiricuta"

"Captivating and contemplative. John's new book captures the breathtaking connection between spirituality and the sport of fly fishing. Who knew that fly fishing and yoga were so much alike in their ability to cultivate mindfulness? A must read for anyone thirsting for spiritual wisdom. Thank you John!"

– Susan Foxley, Life Coach/Yoga Master, Author of "Mixed Up to Fixed Up"

"Author John Dietsch's authentic display of vulnerability connected with me on an extremely emotional level. His collection of stories reveal the courage of a soul who was truly washed clean by a lifetime of being Graced by Waters." 

– Randolph J. Rogers, Author of "The Key of Life: A Metaphysical Investigation"

"John Dietsch shares his incredible experiences of fly fishing, in a way that brings a new soulful, almost mystical insight to what lures so many of us back to the water. His stories touch something within that is usually reserved for that inspiring piece of music, a beautiful painting, or a child's precious wonder." 

– Victor Kepler, Executive Director, EKE Pictures LLC

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