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Good Bacteria for Healthy Skin

Nurture Your Skin Microbiome with Pre- and Probiotics for Clear and Luminous Skin

Published by Ulysses Press
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

Nourish Your Skin’s Ecosystem for A Healthy Glow

You probably know all about your gut microbiome. But what about the microbiome on your body’s biggest organ? Studies show that a diverse and thriving ecosystem of bacteria and other microbes on your skin affects a wide array of health issues. Your body’s flora is the first line of defense against infection and impacts many skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, and acne. It protects your skin from harmful invaders and strengthens its moisture barrier. So how can you take care of the good bacteria that maintains balanced, healthy skin?

Written by a skin microbiome expert, Good Bacteria for Healthy Skin is a friendly, comprehensive, science-backed exploration of what this complex system is, what it does, and how to nourish it. You’ll learn about how your lifestyle affects your skin microbiome, how microbiome imbalances impact skin conditions, and the benefits of probiotics and prebiotics. You’ll also discover a skin detox plan and a beauty wellness regimen to keep your good bacteria happy and your skin looking healthy, youthful, and fresh!

About The Author

Product Details

  • Publisher: Ulysses Press (August 20, 2019)
  • Length: 208 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781612439556

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Raves and Reviews

"Good Bacteria for Healthy Skin is a thorough primer on skin health and how the microbiome interacts with it. The book provides clarity on a complex and ever-evolving science, does so with wit, integrity, and authority. This is requisite reading if you want to better understand beauty from the inside out."

– Dr. Shirley Madhere, Founder, Holistic Plastic Surgery and Creator, Forever F.A.B Podcast

Discover one of the most surprising secrets to keeping skin healthy, radiant, and clear--the body's bacterial microbiome. Most of us spend years trying to get rid of nasty bacteria with cleansers, masks, and medicines, but it turns out our skin has a finely balanced microbiome that is crucial to maintaining good skin.

Written by holistic expert Paula Simpson, Good Bacteria for Healthy Skin teaches readers how lifestyle affects the skin microbiome, how microbiome imbalances impact skin conditions, and the benefits of probiotics and prebiotics. Simpson's expertise is perfect for those looking to discover professional secrets and the science behind achieving and maintaining perfect skin.

– ASCP, Skin Deep Magazine

We are currently living through an exciting new scientific era that focuses on the microbiome. While voluminous research has been done on the gut microbiome, Paula Simpson has pulled back the curtains to reveal the secret life of our skin microbiome.

In her book Paula reveals many astonishing facts about the microbial terrain of our body’s largest organ and how it affects everything from acne, hydration, skin barrier function, immune function and more. The book also highlights the crosstalk between the gut microbiome and the skin microbiome- truly our bodies are holistic and we can no longer think about certain parts as separate. Paula recommends an integrative approach to keeping our skin biome healthy and provides the steps and delicious and healthy recipes necessary to guide us along the way.

I highly recommend this ground breaking book if you are interested in learning in depth about your skin’s biome and having the healthiest skin of your life!

– Dr. Anne Marie Fine, N.M.D., Bestselling Author of Cracking the Beauty Code

Probiotics can be confusing. Paula Simpson presents the subject in an easy-to-understand way that finally makes sense!

– Liz Ritter, Executive Editor,, New Beauty Magazine

Microbiome, probiotics and prebiotics seem to be pretty buzzy words these days. Finally an easy to read book that breaks it all down! Paula’s book is written so engagingly that you don’t need an advanced degree in biochemistry to enjoy it.

Finally, I understand the difference between pre-biotics and pro-biotics and why each is so important to healthy, glowing skin. I’ve long been a fan of the big-picture when it comes to skin health and while microbiome, pro and pre-biotics may be having a real moment, I think that this isn’t a trend. It’s just good information that’s easy to implement. I especially enjoyed the chapters on nutrition because I’m also a firm believer that a healthy gut = healthy skin. Bonus: skin-friendly and microbiome-friendly recipes included!

– Kari Gran, Co-Founder, Kari Gran® Skin Care

“I would recommend this book for anyone looking to improve their skin without spending a fortune on the wrong products. Understanding more about your skin is the key to getting better results……bacteria is key to a healthy gut and the same applies to your skin. This book is a terrific guide to understanding what works."


– Mary Futher, Founder Kaia Naturals

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