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Gone Forever

An Alphabet of Extinct Animals

Illustrated by Felipe Davalos

Sandra and William Markle describe the animals that once roamed the Earth but are now extinct, paying tribute to each animal through the letters of the alphabet.

Creatures of all types and sizes have continued to vanish from Earth at an alarming rate. Paying tribute to the animals that have become extinct, science teacher and writer Sandra Markle, alongside her husband, William, have put together an alphabet book of twenty-six animals that no longer roam the plains or swim in the seas.

Along the way, little readers will learn the alphabet as they meet the elephant bird from Madagascar, the Barbary lion that was once captured by the Romans for their sports arenas, and the Xerces blue butterfly, which disappeared from California in 1941.

Beautifully illustrated by Felipe Davalos’ paintings, Gone Forever brings awareness to the stunning animals as they appeared before they disappeared.

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