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Go Fetch It Yourself 2021 Wall Calendar

The Go Fetch It Yourself 2021 Wall Calendar from Dan DiPaolo celebrates the unique bond between dogs and their owners that lets one know exactly what the other is thinking.

For those less attuned, this calendar spells it out in graphic, colorful art featuring such phrases as "My Dog Is My Favorite Pain in the Ass" and "Nap First Play Later." 

It also includes a handy September-December 2020 spread and clean and roomy 2021 monthly grids, ideal for noting vet appointments, planned walks, and trips to the dog park.

Dan DiPaolo lives in rural Wisconsin where he juggles farming, mostly cattle and chicken, with studio time. The farm is constantly changing and growing . . . just like the artwork he creates. For Dan, they are intertwined and evolve together. He believes working hard, learning, and living each day to its fullest potential is essential to both. Inspiration for his calendars comes from every acre of the land.