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Global Philosophy of Religion

A Short Introduction

Does the existence of God matter? Does science leave anything for religion to explain? How are religion and ethics connected, if at all? In this introduction, Joseph Runzo addresses the fundamental questions of life to present a global perspective on the philosophy of religion. Comparing and contrasting the philosophical insights offered by the different world religions, and examining their application today, this comprehensive book covers everything from the arguments for and against the existence of God to the problem of suffering and the possibilities of life after death. Balancing scholarship with a jargon-free approach, Runzo makes even the most profound arguments accessible to readers of all levels. Authoritative, yet readable, this contemporary study encourages readers to arrive at their own informed and global understanding of the great religious ideas of humankind.

Joseph Runzo is Professor of Philosophy and Religious Studies at Chapman University and Life Fellow of Clare Hall, Cambridge University. The recipient of six Fellowships and Awards from the National Endowment for the Humanities, he has published widely in philosophy and theology on issues of religions pluralism and religious ethics.

'This is an extremely useful and reliable introduction to the philosophy of religion... it will be invaluable for schools and introductory college courses.' Professor Keith Ward, University of Oxford 'Runzo is abundantly successful in showing the importance (and the limits) of argument in matters of religion. I don't know another book that does this with as much success over such a range of materials.' - Paul J. Griffiths, University of Chicago

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