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Give Up: Life's an Adventure for Most... a Concussion for You.

150 Demotivation Posters

Everyone loves a good collection of cheesy motivational posters for the office. Well, this is the opposite. Discover 150 de-motivational posters that will have you rolling on the office floor. 

If you want to get ahead in life, you need to know how things really work. You need posters that reveal the cold, hard truth. You need to be demotivated.

By offering demotivational messages accompanied by ridiculous images, the author turns the motivational message upside down with very funny results. Faux versions of the kitschy motivational poster are already a wildly popular Internet phenomenon, but never have they been done with such savage humor as in this book. The author offers a variety of entertaining options, such as a baseball player eating dirt while missing a fly ball paired with the caption "Humiliation: There's no Point Trying, You Just Look Ridiculous." Another poster pairs a distressed surgeon with, "Failure: Sometimes it is a Matter of Life and Death."