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Gimmick!, Vol. 5

Book #5 of Gimmick!
Illustrated by Kuroko Yabuguchi

R to L (Japanese Style)

Trouble with the wrong side of the law? Paparazzi won't leave you alone? Found yourself in a tight spot and you don't know where to go? Then it's time to get in touch with Kohei Nagase and his friends at Studio Gimmick. A prodigy in the realm of makeup and special effects, Kohei has got the skills to make sure that the people you don't want recognizing you won't.

A devious diet food company, whose products actually cause significantly more harm than good, dupes Kohei into disguising one of their models so she appears normal, but this isn't the first time Kohei's special skills have been abused. Back in his Hollywood days, a bogus game company with a political agenda capitalized on the young make-up genius's naiveté and made him work on a project that had a life-altering influence on all those involved in it. Is Kohei destined for a repeat performance of that emotionally scarring incident?

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