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Geek Crosswords

From Aragorn to Zoidberg, More Than 50 Puzzles for Hours of Geeky Fun

Put your brains to the test with these crossword puzzles!

If you're a crossword enthusiast and think you know all there is to know about Star Wars, iPhones, and William Shatner, think again. Geek Crosswords features more than fifty challenging puzzles that focus on the biggest movies, celebrities, games, and technology in the geek community. Each crossword will keep you busy for hours as you test your knowledge on everything from Spielberg's films and web feed formats to famous astronauts and Google platforms.

With more than fifty fun crosswords that are sure to try your skills, this puzzle collection will separate the n00bs from the real deal!

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"If you love crosswords and word searches, then you're going to want the newly released Geek Crosswords and Geek Word Search books. Instead of the usual, everyman puzzles you find in most books, these are tailor-made for us geeks. They're the perfect way to pass the time while trapped inside on these cold winter days." --GeekMom,

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