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Garfield: Snack Pack Vol. 1

Part of Garfield
Created by Jim Davis / Illustrated by Antonio Alfaro / With Lisa Moore
Published by KaBOOM!
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

Garfield goes on Holiday-themed adventures in this book of never-before collected short stories.

Everyone's favorite, lasagna-lovin', Monday-hatin', lazy, Fat Cat stars in this new, collection of his wildest adventures!

Grab your favorite pasta dish and enjoy Garfield venturing out as a Nighttime Crusader, fighting his own impulse control, and going up against "The Most Annoying Cat in the World." Plus, some Holiday fun, as Garfield helps some kids get their dream gifts, and then must track down all the world’s lasagna from the Lasagna Monster!


Writers Mark Evanier (GARFIELD & FRIENDS) and Scott Nickel team up with artists Andy Hirsch (VARMITS), Gary Barker (GARFIELD daily comic strip) and more for all the laughs (and lasagna).


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