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Fun with Cork

35 Do-It-Yourself Projects for Cork Accessories, Gifts, Decorations, and Much More!

Let yourself be fascinated by cork!
Cork is so much more than just pin boards and trivet. Today, there are an incredible number of cork materials: fabrics, paper, construction paper and adhesive foils made from an absolutely sustainable natural product.

Cult bloggers and trendsetters Jutta and Maike von Kreativfieber show in this book what you can do with these wonderful materials. All projects are easy to imitate and bring through their stylish design and the unique feel of the cork a very special flair in the apartment and wardrobe.

Included here are instructions for decorating, upcycling, and accessories using cork paper, adhesive film, and arches.

Jutta Handrup is one of the creators of Creative Fever (, a blog dedicated to crafting tips, DIY tutorials, beautiful things, and lots of good gift ideas and inspiration.

Maike Hedder is a creative blogger and along with Jutta Handrup, they've written several books on crafting and run the blog kreativfiber.