Friendship-Building Activities for Minecrafters

Puzzles and Activities to Help Kids Connect and Make Friends

More than 50 activities to help kids learn how to build lasting friendships, be social, and have fun!
Making friends is easier with this social skills-building workbook for kids who love Minecraft and gaming. What if you could craft a friendship potion? With this fun-filled book, you will have everything you need to mine friendship magic! The Minecrafting-themed activities, play-with-a-friend games, story starters, and entertaining Q&As help kids make friends, get to know them better, and have fun doing it! With imaginative ideas and colorful illustrations, kids will find the friendship boosts they need through the Minecraft characters and world they love.

  • Minecrafting puzzles and activities teach a multi-player approach to real life
  • Beat boredom, minimize screen time, and build social skills all at the same time!
  • Every page offers fun games and activities to help kids interact with others
Friendship-Building Activities for Minecrafters brings together the video game kids love with real-life friendship-building skills.


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