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An audacious, entertaining historical epic spanning continents and centuries, for readers of David Mitchell, Column McCann, Kate Atkinson, and Eleanor Catton.

Fortune is a dazzling, endlessly surprising, and gripping historical novel that opens the day Napoleon leads his victorious Grande Armée into Berlin after having conquered Prussia in battle. As crowds throng the streets to witness this momentous event, a handful of lives that briefly touch are sprung from their orbits and set on courses that will take them across Europe and around the world—their fates and desires sometimes intersecting—to strange lands in the Caribbean and South America, the Australian continent and van Diemen's Land, and back to a Europe now transformed.

A frustrated general in Napoleon's army, billeted with one of Berlin's finest families. Elisabeth, a passionate young woman living with her aunt in that house. A young man of eighteen years and no particular talent, drawn to the smoky coffeehouses where students debate, whom she spies through a window fornicating with a serving girl at the moment Napoleon makes his grand entrance. An entrepreneur in New World exotica with a passion for shrunken heads, to whose house the young man was led for his tryst. A slave from Suriname, Mr. Hendriks, with his resentful white American companion, who have traveled to Berlin to sell a barrel of electric eels for their master. And a student enamored of philosophy, who will join Mr. Hendricks and the American on their return voyage.

Through their stories amid war, cataclysm, colliding cultures, and misadventure, Lenny Bartulin imagines the ways that grand events in extraordinary times can shape the course of ordinary lives.

"A thrilling tale of adventure told across centuries and continents . . . It is savage and nihilistic, wise and kind, never less than gripping, and it is over far sooner than you want it to be."—Australian

"Sparkling, witty, fast-paced, and a joy to read."—Daily Telegraph

"Full of energy and confidence."—Sydney Morning Herald

"Those who love epic narratives, intrigue, and detailed historical writing will find a lot to enjoy here."—Books + Publishing

"Fortune is a supremely entertaining novel—witty, gripping and endlessly surprising—told with great energy and charm. Lenny's great talent is showing that even if the great upheavals of history are usually set in motion by famous individuals, it is those lost to history who are left to pick up the pieces and find their way through the ensuing chaos."—Chris Womersley, author of Bereft and City of Crows

"Fortune careens across history’s epochs in the same way it gallops from continent to continent, its characters traversing a stage from Napoleonic Prussia to South America and Van Diemen’s Land. It’s an audacious, brilliantly crafted take on history—a novel about the past like no other. It draws your breath in the same way as if you’d witnessed a jigsaw puzzle tossed and scattered into the air only to have its pieces land on the ground in perfect unity."—Guardian Australia

"Full of action, humour and unexpected connections."—Advertiser

"He shuffles the overlapping lives of characters as if they are cards in a deck of infinite possibility and combination, thus exposing their selfless acts and darkest secrets."—Australian Book Review

‘Throughout this epic novel, Bartulin shows himself to be an exceptionally strong wordsmith. . . . His sentences are taut, detailed, and hyper-efficient, and he uses them to remind us of some important, timeless truths about the way of the heart."—The Weekend Australian

"I was enthralled by the historical puzzle, gripped by the character connections and disappointments (so tantalisingly close at times) and entertained by the colour and thrilling pace of Lenny Bartulin’s storytelling."—Booklovers Book Reviews