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Fool's Errand

Published by Post Hill Press
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

Years after the death of his gangster father, a young man discovers a letter that sends him reluctantly defying the mob as he races to locate a hidden treasure.

It’s been six years since the untimely death of Blackie—a charming rogue who endlessly pursued “The Big Deal”—when his son discovers an enigmatic letter telling of a cache of stolen money. Feeling no choice but to pursue his father’s dream, he embarks on a search that leads from New York, to the Strip in Las Vegas, and ultimately to the south of France. Along this life-altering journey, he is confronted by the dangers of his father’s past as he unravels a decades-old mystery, while revealing other long-buried secrets as well.

Poignant and entertaining, humorous and exciting, romantic and mysterious, Fool’s Errand leads him to discover both the treasure and himself.

About The Author

A native of New York City, Jeffrey S. Stephens is a successful attorney in private practice, admitted in both New York and Connecticut. Stephens has lived for more than thirty years in Greenwich, which is where he and his wife, Nancy, raised their two sons, Graham and Trevor.

Stephens is the author of the Jordan Sandor thrillers, Targets of Deception, Targets of Opportunity, Targets of Revenge, and Rogue Mission, as well as the Anthony Walker murder mystery Crimes and Passion and the Pencraft First Place Award–winning novel, Fool’s Errand.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Post Hill Press (December 8, 2020)
  • Length: 256 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781642937381

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Raves and Reviews

"While Fool's Errand brings elements of The Maltese Falcon (one of my all-time favorite films), Goodfellas, and even a dash of old-school detective thrillers and serial films, this tale is fully current. It's a great read and a worthy weekend escape from real life. It doesn't insult anyone's beliefs or intelligence. It's smart, it's sharp, and it will make a strong movie in the right creative hands. I picked up Fool's Errand and read it through, cover to cover, in a day. Stephens' prose is brisk and clean, to the point, and entertaining as it keeps you turning pages. Fool's Errand is a fun, satisfying read, full of heart and surprises." 

– PJ Media

"Told in the first person, this engaging mystery is both plot-and character-driven. Moving from past to present is deftly handled, and the mystery presented seems both plausible and intriguing. Love of family, albeit a flawed one, is key." 

– Kirkus Reviews

"Fool's Errand is primarily a cleverly-plotted mystery, but Stephens never loses sight of the personalities he's creating. Stephens continues to mature as an author; and he keeps his plots intriguing and his characters involving." 

– Elaine L. Mura, Splash Magazine

"Fool's Errand contains all the required satisfying ingredients of a mob-inspired mystery—intrigue, mystery, romance, valuables and even some tough guys thrown in for good measure... This is a pursuit that is not always what it seems, hang on for the ride!" 

– Dave Thompson, Dave's Travel Corner

"Stephens deftly weaves poignant, entertaining, humorous, romantic, and mysterious elements into his narrative driven suspense thriller of a novel, Fool's Errand."

– Midwest Book Review

"The book was just pure pleasure, and as readers of this column know, I am typically NOT drawn to novels...but Fool's Errand is definitely an exception." 

– Diane Taylor, Living Las Vegas

"Fool's Errand is another of Stephens' exceptional works, an intriguing tale in his captivating style, that draws readers in with depth of character, and the promise that time spent with this novel yields a satisfying reward." 

– Kate Michael, kstreetkate

"Fool's Errand is poignant and entertaining, humorous and exciting, romantic and mysterious—an adventure that explores the relationship between a father and son, and the events that will ultimately lead that young man to discover both the treasure and himself." 

– newyorktrend

"The author did an exceptional job with the twists and turns throughout the story to keep you wondering about: is there really any treasure, who knows about the treasure and where could the treasure be? I definitely recommend this book for anyone who loves a fictional mob-inspired mystery!" 


"In Fool's Errand, the pages turn themselves. The plot twists in all the right places. Questions go unanswered until the very end. The story leaves the reader thinking about the character's life beyond the last page—the sign of any good tale." 

– Melissa Gay Powell, Boomer Magazine

"With surprising twists and relatable characters, Fool’s Errand offers a masterful balance of humor and heart, adventure and romance. Ultimately, it’s an entertaining, fast-paced story of family ties and a parent’s never-ending influence that will keep readers guessing as each new secret is revealed."

– Motherhood Moment

"Fool’s Errand by Jeffrey S. Stephens, author of the popular Jordan Sandor thrillers, is an entertaining mystery that explores the complexity of a father-son relationship against the backdrop of an international treasure hunt and a romance that may be real love or real danger, while the mob races against time in search of the same cache of money. How far will one son go to fully understand, and appreciate, his enigmatic father’s legacy?"  

– Groovin' Moms

"This novel is a haunting tribute to a misunderstood father in a dysfunctional, highly emotional family. Complexities of family dynamics, secrets, and lies are shared with humor. There are unforeseen consequences for all involved as they struggle with the advice, 'great wealth or great difficulty.'"

– Pen Award 2021

"With surprising twists and relatable characters, Fool’s Errand offers a masterful balance of humor and heart, adventure and romance. Ultimately, it’s an entertaining, fast-paced story of family ties and a parent’s never-ending influence that will keep readers guessing as each new secret is revealed."

– Veterans Today

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