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Fleet Insurgent

NOVELLAS, SHORT STORIES, AND MORE IN THE CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED UNDER JURISTICTION SERIES from John W. Campbell Award finalist Susan R. Matthews. Together for the first time, here are the novellas, novelettes, and short stories that complete Matthews' epic science fiction series. Plus, supplemental materials that flesh out Matthews' characters and detailed worldbuilding.


These are the stories of Andrej Koscuisko’s “few good men” who will one day bring down the totalitarian star empire, the Jurisdiction—if only they can escape being ground down under the very oppression they fight.

Here are personal histories of favorite characters from the series, including Joslire Curran and Security Chief Stildyne. There are three novellas—two for the first time in print—telling the stories behind critical events in the series, such as the infamous devil’s bargain between Andrej Koscuisko and Captain Lowden on the Ragnarok that nearly led to Andrej’s mental destruction. It’s a dark cornucopia of novelettes, stories, and vignettes from The Life and Hard Times of Fleet Inquisitor, renegade, and savior, Andrej Koscuisko—who is Not a Nice Man—but who may be the only man who stands a chance of returning human kindness and mercy to the stars! 

Praise for Susan R. Matthews:

"A very satisfying entry in a very scary series!"—Janis Ian on Blood Enemies

"Starting with An Exchange of Hostages, I devoured Susan R. Matthews 'Koscuisko' novels—all six of them—when they first appeared. Books with this much courage, clarity, and empathy are rare. The Under Jurisdiction series is a remarkable and unprecedented accomplishment.”—Stephen R. Donaldson, New York Times best-selling author of the Thomas Covenant series.

“[Matthews] brilliantly uses science fiction’s freedom of creation to make a world in which she can explore deep moral conflicts.”—Denver Post

“. . . has a dark energy . . . an extremely compelling read.”—New York Review of Science Fiction

“A chilling and engaging novel of false accusation and the power of personal responsibility.”—Booklist on Angel of Drestruction

“A tightly woven space opera full of grand heroic gestures and characters strong enough to sustain all the action.”—Booklist on The Devil and Deep Space

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