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First-Year Nurse

Advice on Working with Doctors, Prioritizing Care, and Time Management

An indispensable guide for first-time nurses on working with doctors, the joys of the night shift, and facing mistakes!

You've completed the necessary education, passed the exams, and you're finally ready for your first year as a professional nurse. But there is still trepidation, accompanied by many unanswered questions.

A true first year of nursing 101 guide, this book covers topics like managing feedback, working with doctors, working night shift, and recovering from a mistake. Writer and nursing professional Beth Hawkes draws from her own experiences to offer expert tips for first-timers venturing into this important discipline. Writing in a manner that's digestible and including illustrative anecdotes along the way, Hawkes will put readers at ease with her clear advice and directives—many of which can be applied in professional settings outside of nursing. She offers rookie nurses sample questions to help guide them on how they should be communicating with preceptors and colleagues, from morning to night. 

The perfect gift for nurses just entering the field!

"With First-Year Nurse, Beth Hawkes meets the new grad nurse not where he or she thinks they should be, but where they actually are. Jam-packed full of real bedside nursing tips, tricks, advice, and encouragement, this book provides actionable steps to improve your practice during your very next shift. Do yourself a favor and take out the intimidating guesswork and read this book from cover to cover. I know graduating nursing students have plenty of highlighters! You’re going to want to use them on this book!" – Kati Kleber, MSN RN CCRN-K