Nuclear Bribes, Russian Spies, and the Washington Lies that Led to Trump's Impeachment

Foreword by Peter Schweizer / Preface by Daniel Hoffman

The untold story of how Vladimir Putin corrupted members of the Clinton and Obama administrations in his drive to corner the global uranium market.

In 2015, Hillary Clinton’s role in handing control of American uranium assets to a state-owned Russian energy company was exposed in a bestselling book by Peter Schweizer. The revelations were damaging enough to become a factor in Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. But as shocking as it is, the story told in Schweizer’s Clinton Cash is only the tip of the iceberg.  

Now investigative journalists John Solomon and Seamus Bruner—part of the team that researched Clinton Cash—tell the full and unknown story of the scandal known as Uranium One. The Clintons were not the only players capitalizing on dubious Russian nuclear deals—nor was Russia the only American adversary that benefited from President Obama’s weak nuclear policy. As Solomon and Bruner disclose in their explosive exposé, the corruption went far deeper and involved many figures in the ongoing attempt to bring down Donald Trump. In fact, charges of collusion between Trump and Russia were part of a carefully crafted coverup of Obama’s role in the Uranium One scandal. This is the story of the real Russian collusion—a saga that even the most informed American reader does not know.