Fake President

Decoding Trump's Gaslighting, Corruption, and General Bullsh*t


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An Incisive & Witty Roadmap into Trump’s Disinformation, Betrayals, and Emolumental Greed—Just in Time for Impeachment & the 2020 Race
Donald Trump was lawfully selected as the US president...but is still a "fake" president because he simply lacks the integrity, empathy, intelligence, and stability to perform the duties of the office as the Constitution intended. "If you spend so much time golfing, tweeting, and seething," write Green and Nader, "it's understandable that a POTUS doesn't get around to appointing one-third of all agency inspector generals...Might as well expect a surgeon to be an opera singer."
As the House Impeachment Inquiry unfolds based on a similar premise, Fake President decodes many of his worst scandals and "twistifications" (a Jefferson coinage). And it’s bound to get even worse as the House gets closer to actual Articles of Impeachment and the Fall election approaches. 
Since it's nearly impossible to keep track of Trump's "daily lava of lies," two of America’s foremost public advocates do that work for you so you can become your own Trump Bullshit Detector. This is your one-stop shop that explains what the Lyin' King means to our democracy. 
It’s a cheeky, entertaining, and deadly rebuke of Trump’s incorrigible "fakery"...from his dishonesty about foreign policy (“North Korea has agreed to denuclearization”) to blatant ignorance about the environment (“The noise [from windmills] cause cancer”) to his messianic narcissism (“my great and unmatched wisdom"). Mark Green and Ralph Nader comb through thousands of speeches, sound bites, tweets, and articles to show Trump's attempts to create an alternate reality—that is, gaslighting to millions of his credulous and enthralled followers.
Their conclusion: "Trump is a human monkey wrench deciding each morning who to throw himself at...The problem is not just lies but the lives endangered at his intersection of pathology, ideology, and mendacity." 
The book ends with Nader's epilogue that explains how to talk to betrayed Trump voters and true fence-sitters. This is the one volume essential to better understanding both of the biggest news stories of the coming year—Impeachment and the 2020 presidential election. 

Product Details

  • Publisher: Skyhorse (January 7, 2020)
  • Length: 264 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781510751125

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