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A guide for ethical decision-making in the 21st century and a roadmap for navigating the increasingly complex ethical dilemmas we face daily—by Stanford lecturer and twenty-year veteran of ethical thought Susan Liautaud.

It is not your imagination: we’re living in a time of moral deterioration. Publicly, we’re bombarded with reports of government leaders acting counter to their mission to serve those who elected them, spreading misinformation and making claims of fake news; tech companies’ products posing risks to society with little or no repercussion; and corporations prioritizing profit over safety, health, and our best interests. Personally, we may be conflicted about how much privacy to afford our children on the internet; whether to order products from companies which perpetuate practices we don’t believe in; or how to handle ethical misconduct we witness in our relationships or work.

How do we find a way forward? While some ethical matters are black and white, today’s challenges are increasingly grey, with boundaries constantly blurring and causing us to teeter on the edge of decision-making. In Ethics on the Edge, Stanford University lecturer and ethics advisor Susan Liautaud explains that with the rapid advances in technology, concentrated power structures, and lacking laws that protect citizens and consumers, ethics is harder to understand than ever. Our challenge is to maximize the opportunities and minimize the risks in all areas of our lives—to seize the good in situations while holding ourselves to high ethical standards.

Drawing on two decades as an ethics advisor guiding corporations, academic institutions, nonprofits, as well as students in her popular ethics course, Liautaud explains why we’re in a moral downturn and provides practical advice for how to make ethical choices in your life using a clear, four-step decision-making process. Guiding you through the edgiest dilemmas that we face today, showing you how to develop a clear point of view, speak out with authority, make effective decisions, and contribute to a more ethical world for yourself and others, Ethics on the Edge is the must-have guide for the 21st century.

About The Author

Susan Liautaud is the founder and managing director of Susan Liautaud & Associates Limited, which advises in ethics matters internationally. She teaches ethics courses at Stanford University and is the founder of a nonprofit, independent, cross-sector laboratory and collaborative platform for innovative ethics called The Ethics Incubator. Liautaud serves on a number of international boards and ethics committees. She lives in Palo Alto, California, and London, with her husband and five children.

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  • Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio (September 8, 2020)
  • Runtime: 9 hours
  • ISBN13: 9781797114521

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