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Eat Right for Your Inflammation Type

The Three-Step Program to Strengthen Immunity, Heal Chronic Pain, and Boost Your Energy

This game-changing solution for a variety of inflammation issues shows us how to change our habits from the inside out for the better—in the tradition of Wheat Belly and Eat Right 4 Your Type.

Health consultant to the stars, Maggie Berghoff presents a personalized and accessible approach to reducing and reversing inflammation. Using thorough questionnaires to first identify your specific ailments, Eat Right for Your Inflammation Type prescribes the targeted regimens that will help you successfully tackle and live free of the major types of inflammation, including hormonal, digestive, and more.

Inflammation is at the core of the most common ailments people suffer today. In this game-changing book, Berghoff will address how we should change our habits inside and out and help us to root out the causes of the specific inflammation type that is leading to our all pain and illness. With helpful tips for healing, eating, and detoxing, and targeted lifestyle advice—such as which foods to avoid and how to build an anti-inflammatory pantry—Berghoff offers the most up-to-date instructions for living your best and healthiest life based on your specific inflammation type.

Maggie Berghoff, FNP-C, is an entrepreneur and health consultant. She is the founder and CEO of Celproceo, a cutting-edge health and wellness agency rooted in functional and integrative medicine, trusted by celebrities, professional athletes, and CEOs/executives. Maggie has been featured by USA TODAYBusiness Insider, Glamour, and much more. She currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee, with her husband and three children. Visit and follow her on Instagram @Maggie_Berghoff.