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The Demise of a President and His Party

Published by Skyhorse
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

Take a tour through the elections since 2016 and the Republican Party’s​ strongest stances to understand the impending defeat of Donald Trump in the 2020 Presidential election. 

Downfall does not offer a prediction or wishful thinking—it affirms a certainty. Veteran political scientist Andrew Hacker’s vast array of evidence points to the conclusion that Donald Trump will not be reelected, regardless of which Democratic candidate opposes him. Based on a close analysis of midterm and special elections, Hacker has found that Trump’s so-called base is shrinking and that a strong majority of voting Americans want Trump out of office. 

Alongside comments from Republican Party members on why they stand with their party, Hacker autopsies their most steadfast viewpoints to illustrate from where these opinions stem and why Trump supporters provide him with votes. This includes an examination of Republican positions on:  

  • Gun control
  • Abortion and women’s rights
  • Sexism and gender disparities
  • Racism and affirmative action
  • LGBTQ rights
  • Climate Change 
  • And more 

Both a look back at the years since Trump’s election and a glimpse into what lies ahead for politics, Downfall provides an optimistic outlook that the most divisive leader in the US’s history will join the ranks of one-term presidents. 

About The Author

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Raves and Reviews

Praise for Andrew Hacker and Downfall

“The statistics Hacker provides are always revealing and often downright shocking.” —Washington Post

“Andrew Hacker has written a provocative book predicting a Trump defeat in 2020. And it goes beyond Trump to address changes in American society and politics that have influenced the current turmoil in the United States. Book discussion groups will be debating its contents right up to November and beyond.” —Joel D. Aberbach, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Political Science and Public Policy, UCLA
“Few people writing today for a general audience can make more sense of numbers.” —Wall Street Journal
“Hacker’s calm, analytical eye, his unblinking view of American history, and his unwillingness to accept cast and ‘common sense’ as facts.” —The New York Times
“In an area dominated by polemics, disingenuousness or the Saharan aridity of academic prose, Hacker invites us into his den for a quiet and richly documented conversation.” —Boston Globe
“Quietly terrifying.” — Christian Science Monitor
“Hacker’s accounting of American history is knowledgeable, his judgments on it are just.” —TIME
“Accurate, incisive, never dull.” —Times Literary Supplement
“Perceptive, sharp, and stimulating.” —Atlanta Journal
“Hacker is not doctrinaire; both liberals and conservatives will feel his sting.” —Wall Street Journal

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