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Don't Disturb the Dinosaurs

Book #2 of The DATA Set
Illustrated by Sam Ricks



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About The Book

The DATA Set find themselves stuck in the prehistoric era in the second adventure of the brand-new series!

Thanks to Dr. Bunsen’s latest wacky invention, the DATA Set are blasted back to the prehistoric era. Gabe is in heaven, but Laura warns that they shouldn’t touch anything. She’s afraid they could contaminate the past and permanently change the future! But it’s hard not to interfere with the locals as the crew quickly finds themselves dashing from flying pterosaurs, stomping stegosaurus stampedes, and a sharp-toothed T-rex! Will they be able to survive in the past…or have their futures been lost for good?

With easy-to-read language and illustrations on almost every page, The DATA Set chapter books are perfect for beginning readers!


Don’t Disturb the Dinosaurs Chapter 1 Blast to the Past
Fwoosh. A hot breeze rustled through the jungle tree leaves.

Screech! A wild animal’s cry echoed in the distance.


“What was that?” Laura Reyes whispered nervously.

“That was my stomach,” said Cesar Garcia Moreno. “I should have eaten a bigger breakfast.”

The friends rolled their eyes. But another wild animal cry rang out, and Laura, Cesar, Gabriel Martinez, and Stego the Stegosaurus huddled closer together.

“Guys,” said Gabriel, “I do not think we are in Newtonburg anymore.”

Gabe was definitely right. These three whiz kids, known as the DATA Set, were indeed no longer in their home town of Newtonburg. The question was, where were they?

“Okay, let’s retrace our steps from the beginning,” said Laura. “Dr. B.’s growth ray accidentally brought our toy animals to life.”

“Then they started growing,” continued Cesar.

“And we had to sneak them into the zoo,” remembered Gabe. “Except for Stego.”

“Yeah,” Cesar chimed in. “Dr. B. was going to use his time machine to send Stego back in time.”

“Then what happened?” Laura asked. “Where are we?”

“Dr. B. happened,” Gabe said. “I’ll bet his time machine must have malfunctioned just like the growth ray did. He accidentally sent us to a rain forest.”

“I’ve read lots of books on rain forests,” said Cesar. “And none of them had one of those. . . .”

He pointed overhead.

Soaring high above them was an enormous creature with a brightly colored head crest. It had leathery wings that stretched wide and a narrow, razor-sharp beak.

“Please tell me that’s a bird,” Laura said in disbelief.

“Not unless it was hit by Dr. Bunsen’s growth ray too,” said Cesar. “There aren’t any birds that large that can fly.”

“It’s not a bird,” Gabriel said. His eyes suddenly shone brightly, and a huge grin crossed his face. “It’s a Pterosaur!”

“A what?” Laura asked.

“Dr. B.’s invention worked.” Gabe breathed. “He sent us back with Stego to the Jurassic period. DATA Set . . . we’re in the time of the dinosaurs!”

About The Author

Ada Hopper has been extremely inventive ever since she was little. There was nothing that a rubber band and some tweezers couldn’t fix, no question that couldn’t be answered by scouring the library, and no way she wasn’t escaping over that backyard fence! Ada loves reading and writing because of all the fantastical worlds a good book can bring you to. When not working, Ada enjoys karaoke, spending time with her family, and going on the occasional adventure or two.

About The Illustrator

Sam Ricks grew up creating stories about toxic fruitcakes and peanut butter–snatching aliens. He is the illustrator of several books for young readers, including The DATA Set series. Sam earned his BA from Brigham Young University and his MA from the University of Baltimore. He is a founding member of Cotopaxi: Gear For Good. He, his wife, and their five children live in Salt Lake City, Utah. Visit Sam at

Product Details

  • Publisher: Little Simon (April 5, 2016)
  • Length: 128 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781481457316
  • Grades: K - 4
  • Ages: 5 - 9
  • Lexile ® 560L The Lexile reading levels have been certified by the Lexile developer, MetaMetrics®

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Awards and Honors

  • Chicago Public Library's Best of the Best

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