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Domestic Investigations and Operations Guide

Published by Skyhorse
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

Ever wonder what an FBI agent really does? Recently, the Domestic Investigations and Operations Guide has been plastered all over newspaper headlines. The guide “applies to all investigative activities and intelligence collection activities conducted by the FBI within the United States or outside the territories of all countries. This policy document does not apply to investigative and intelligence collection activities of the FBI in foreign countries; those are governed by the Attorney General’s Guidelines for Extraterritorial FBI Operations.” Now, anyone can get their hands on it!

Inside curious readers will find the FBI guidelines for:

Protection of First Amendment Rights
The FBI’s Core Values
Investigative Methods
Electronic Surveillance
Criminal Matters Outside FBI Jurisdiction
And many others!

The FBI is one of the most secretive government organizations in the country, but with this guide you can peek inside and view what only FBI agents know. This recent unclassified text reveals their ominous power—see first-hand how quickly your rights can be taken away by them. You will be shocked by what you read!

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