District 14 Season 1

Illustrated by Romuald Reutimann

District 14: a labyrinthine megalopolis where humans, animals, and aliens coexist. A rotting Tower of Babel where anarchy and wealth commingle, where affluence and crime intertwine… It is amidst this vibrant urban landscape that a strange character, an elephant by the name of Michael, disembarks from an immigrant vessel. This mighty pachyderm barely sets his bag down when he is caught in a violent crossfire… Along with Hector, an opinionated journalist beaver, they come to form a unique and powerful duo, reporting for one of the city’s sensationalist newspapers.

Born in 1965, Pierre Gabus is a French comic book writer who made his comics debut with 'Valbert', together with his frequent collaborator, artist Romuald Reutimann. Also with Gabus, he made two seasons of the steampunk noir comic District 14, for which he won best series at The Angoulême International Comics Festival in 2012.

Romuald Reutimann is a comic book artist from Cherbourg who was born in 1967. He studied Fine Arts in his hometown, in Angoulême and in Angers, where he graduated in 1991 He also collaborated on the fantasy detective comic 'The Fantastic Voyage of Lady Rozenbilt', in addition to contributing to the series ‘Lucha Libre’, all of which were published by Humanoids.

"District 14 is nothing short of treasure and one of the most highly recommended gems in the Humanoids’ crown." - sequart.org "...well worth every comics fan’s time. The concept and writing is exceptional, and the art is gorgeous. It’s available digitally as well as in hardcover, and it comes with the RFT gold seal of approval." - MultiversityComics.com "The world Gabus and Reutimann create is a vast one with unlimited possibilities. " - BleedingCool.com "In short, District 14 is well-written, it looks good, and it probably deserved the prize for best series it won at Angoulême." - tcj.com

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