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Discovery: Head-to-Head: Natural Disasters

An epic exploration of history's most destructive earthquakes, explosions, and more!

Part of Head to Head

Which was more destructive—Hurricane Katrina or the eruption of Mount Vesuvius? Put history's natural disasters head to head and find out!

How would the destructive power of Hurricane Katrina compare to the fiery eruption of Krakatoa? This unique book ranks history’s most catastrophic natural disasters based on overall force, intensity, and damage. Flip through the pages to learn amazing facts and mind-blowing statistics about the most earth-shattering earthquakes, deadly floods, monster blizzards and other unstoppable forces of nature from around the globe!

Emily Rose Oachs is a graduate of the University of Minnesota in the Twin Cities. She currently works as an editor at a Los Angeles-based educational company. In her spare time, she writes nonfiction books for elementary readers.

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