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Disaster Survival Handbook

Published by Thunder Bay Press
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

A practical and illustrated guide to getting through all types of life-threatening situations.

Are you ready for the big one, whether it’s an earthquake, a hurricane, or a monster snowstorm? Disaster Survival Handbook will help you prepare for the unexpected—from stocking up on provisions to hunkering down in a safe area to administering basic first aid. The power of nature means that disasters are inevitable and that surviving them is all about preparation. With this useful illustrated guide, you’ll be able to take the steps necessary to keep your family and loved ones safe in the face of danger. Each chapter includes true stories of people who found themselves in the middle of a precarious situation . . . and how they managed to survive.

Alexander Stilwell is a military analyst with many years’ experience. He is the author of The Encyclopedia of Survival Techniques, Secret Operations of World War II, The Elite Forces Manual of Mental & Physical Endurance, and Special Forces in Action, and regularly contributes to the International Defence Review. He lives near London, England.