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Dilbert 2021 Monthly/Weekly Planner Calendar

Pointless projects, endless meetings, bonehead strategies and all manner of corporate craziness turn into cartoon gold in this all-new planner featuring a hilarious Dilbert comic for each week of the year.

The Pointy-Haired Boss might have stumbled onto something. He assigns one idiot to each project to keep them from bunching together. Dilbert, Alice, and Wally might dispute that there's only one, but they're painfully aware that they exist and that sometimes they're each other. Watch them navigate the pitfalls and policies of corporate life in this 2021 monthly/weekly planner, where the only bunching is their frustration with lazy coworkers.

  • 12-Month Planner
  • Spiral-bound
  • Dilbert Sunday cartoon on each weekly spread
  • 2020 and 2022 calendaria
  • Includes pages for notes


What started as a doodle has turned Scott Adams into a superstar of the cartoon world. Dilbert debuted on the comics page in 1989, while Adams was in the tech department at Pacific Bell. Adams continued to work at Pacific Bell until he was voluntarily downsized in 1995. He has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1979.

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