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Dick Vitale's Living A Dream

Reflections on 25 Years Sitting in the Best Seat in the House

“His accomplishments are too many to list here…. He has been the best friend to the game. To me, that is his impact and legacy.”—Mike Krzyzewski, from his Foreword

Everyone who loves NCAA basketball loves Dick Vitale. For many, he taught us the game. In Living A Dream, he reveals details about his start at ESPN and shares his feelings about the most important people in college basketball. This is must reading for basketball fans.

If you love college basketball or Dick Vitale, you'll love this book. Vitale remembers his humble beginnings, as a coach who had been fired, and how he joined an unknown start up network who planned to offer sports twenty-four hours a day: ESPN.

His book celebrates college basketball. He describes how much he loves what he does and jokes about how overpaid he is. He outlines the major problems in college hoops, and what he would do to change them.

Reading this book is like spending a weekend with Dick Vitale. What could be more fun for a fan of college basketball?!??!

  • Publisher: Sports Publishing (March 1, 2013)
  • Length: 352 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781613210659