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Demotivational Posters 2022 Wall Calendar

When a Cat Picture With the Saying "Hang in There" Won't Do it For You

Demotivational Posters 2022 Wall Calendar is for the uninspired, the unmotivated, and the ones who need help when a cat picture saying "hang in there" just won't do it for you.

Nothing motivates you more than someone saying you won’t make it. Artists, Alex and Hugo, created this series of “demotivational posters” to send that exact message but to inspire you by constantly showing disbelief in you. Featuring a mix of twelve bright, positive colors and cynic words this first-of-it's-kind "motivational" calendar might just do the trick.

  • Featuring 12 brightly colored poster-like pieces of art
  • Includes 12 'demotivated' quotes
  • Generous grids for adding appointments and reminders
  • Includes major official world holidays
  • Opens to 12 inches x 24 inches