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Culture and Identity

The History, Theory and Practice of Psychological Anthropology

In this newly revised and updated edition,
Lindholm provides a comprehensive introduction
to psychological anthropology, deftly tracing the
growth of the field, introducing the key theorists,
and covering a broad range of contemporary
topics such as identity, emotions, symbolic
systems, and the psychology of groups.

Charles Lindholm is Professor in the prestigious University Professors Program and in the Department of Anthropology at Boston University. Prior to coming to Boston in 1990 he taught at Columbia, Barnard and Harvard, where he held a joint appointment in Anthropology and in Social Studies. His publications include Generosity and Jealousy: The Swat Pukhtun of Northern Pakistan (based on his dissertation) and a collection entitled Frontier Perspectives: Essays in Comparative Anthropology.

"This is a thorough, meaningful and grounded introduction to our discipline. It will certainly be required reading in my courses."

– ETHOS: Journal of the Society for Pychological Anthropology

"Culture and Identity is the most lucid and up to date introduction to psychological anthropology available and provides an indispensible bridge between anthropology and psychology."

– Robert A. Levine - Professor Emeritus of Education and Human Development and Professor Emeritus of A

'Balanced, insightful, and comprehensible.'

– Naomi Quinn - Professor of Cultural Anthropology, Duke University

"A useful and wide ranging introduction to psychological anthropology."

– Arthur Kleinman - Esther and Sidney Rabb Professor and Chair, Department of Anthropology, Harvard Un

"An important intellectual synthesis and a superb teaching text."

– Steven Parish - Professor of Anthropology, University of California, San Diego

Lindholm provides sophisticated and readable coverage of both the history of psychological anthropology and contemporary research in the areas of cognition, self and emotion, and mental illness.

– Cyndi Dunn - Professor of Anthropology, University of Northern Iowa

Culture and Identity offers a broad spectrum of key concepts that anyone who study and teach social and cultural anthropology with psychological emphasis must include in their course reading list.

– Sonia Ryang - Associate Professor of Anthropology and International Studies, C. Maxwell and Elizabet

The second edition of Lindholm’s book brings it up-to-date and includes all of the strengths that made the first edition so successful. The clear writing, the full coverage of the field and the student-friendly emphasis on American society make it a superb choice for courses in psychological anthropology.

– Tom Gregor - Professor of Anthropology, Vanderbilt University