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Crocodile's Tooth

Illustrated by Frank Endersby
Published by Sky Pony
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

A Delightful Story about Losing Your First Tooth!

One of Crocodile’s baby teeth is moving and he is really scared, imagining that a lot of terrible things might happen to him. Fortunately, his friends Elephant, Tiger and Orangutan tell him that nothing bad is happening at all, and they give him advice on what he should do: relax and just move the tooth with his tongue. Will Crocodile listen to them? Will his baby tooth finally fall out?

Fun facts about growing is a series of children´s books. Setting out the facts in a fun and entertaining way and accompanied by beautifully drawn and dynamic images, this collection handles topics like: losing your baby teeth, fear of the water, recycling and the excuses kids give when it´s time to go to bed. Children will love this series and it will give adults help and tools for explaining and teaching kids about a whole range of different daily situations.

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