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Creating Your Vintage Hallowe'en

The folklore, traditions, and some crafty makes

Full of spooky artworks, ephemera, vintage-inspired makes, rhymes, and stories, Creating your Vintage Hallowe’en celebrates the folklore and traditions surrounding this delightfully unique holiday.

Read how folk used to celebrate with dressing up, fortune-telling games, parties, and much pleasurable spookiness, and recreate your own vintage Hallowe’en with old-fashioned projects, including a carved Jack o’ lantern, a witch costume, and fun decorations for your home. Creating your Vintage Hallowe’en is packed full of little-known facts about the origins of Hallowe’en customs such as bobbing for apples and carving lanterns out of pumpkins, while the charming makes and vintage artworks featuring chubby, red-cloaked witches, sleekly silhouetted black cats, cute kittens, cheery goblins, and smiling spectres, will inspire you to have your own vintage-style Hallowe’en celebration.

Marion Paull is an editor and writer who has worked in publishing for many years, and she is the author of 'Vintage Halloween' for CICO Books. Married to a Cornishman, from the extreme south-west of England, she has a special interest in all things Celtic. The author is based in London.

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