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Cozy Christmas

A Touch-and-Feel Book

Part of Sago Mini

Join the holiday fun as the Sago Mini cast of characters goes caroling! Interactivity is brought to the next level with this touch-and-feel board book featuring Jinja, Harvey, Robin, Jack, and more!

After a Christmas sing-along, Jack says, “Let’s walk home in the snow!”
Jinja and Robin walk close behind.
Harvey can’t believe how fluffy the flakes are! Can you?

Along the way, Robin hears a tiny voice shiver, “I’m cold” from a nearby tree.
It’s Moonmole!
Robin wraps her fuzzy scarf around Moonmole.
“It’s so soft,” says Moonmole. “Thank you!”
Rub the scarf to feel how warm Moonmole is!

The Sago characters go caroling on a chilly winter's night and readers are invited along on their trek! This interactive touch-and-feel board book allows readers to jump right into the story with the ability to touch Robin's scarf, feel how smooth Yeti's sled is, and more!

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