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Cinnamon Bun Besties

A Swirl Novel

Book #3 of Swirl
Published by Sky Pony
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

It's bestie vs. bestie…

Suki is assigned to run the student council Valentine's Day fundraiser at school with JJ: her former bestie turned worst enemy. He and Suki have been ultra-competitive about everything for years—there's no way they can work together. In fact, they almost immediately resolve to hold competing fundraisers.

Meanwhile, Suki longs for a dog, but her parents won't let her get one. Befriending a stray at the park (who she names Cinnamon Bun) leads her to volunteer at the local animal shelter, which becomes her new home away from home.

But then the fundraiser gets out of control, and the shelter might close. Suki is determined to save the day, but she can’t do it alone… and will she ever get a dog of her own?

About The Author

Stacia Deutsch has written more than two hundred children's books. She started her career with the award winning chapter book series, Blast to the Past, and her resume includes Nancy Drew and Boxcar Children mysteries as well as junior movie tie-in novels for summer blockbuster films such as Ghostbusters and The Smurfs. Recent titles include The Mysterious Makers of Shaker Street series and Tales of the Scaremaster series. Find her online at

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