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Casino Book

Learn to play to win!

Published by Thunder Bay Press
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

Learn to play to win with Thunder Bay’s Casino Box!

Ever wondered what goes on inside a casino? Now you can practice all the popular games at home with friends to build up your skills. Then, armed with many invaluable hints and tips to help you cope with the croupier and other players, you can experience the exciting and glamorous world of the casino for yourself—with confidence and a gambling glint in your eye. Casino Book covers all the popular games from baccarat and poker to blackjack, craps and roulette. There’s expert advice on playing to win. Now you have all you need for hours of fun at the gaming tables—or your own kitchen table.

Samuel Pinney is a popular journalist and life-long gambler. After being taught to play blackjack by his grandmother at the age of eight, he quickly progressed to playing poker for sweets and conkers. He runs regular casino parties at his house and specializes in the gaming side of betting--and beating the system. Almost all of his winnings from gambling are spent on gloves and waistcoats, much to the annoyance of his girlfriend.