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Cannibal Serial Killers

Profiles of Depraved Flesh-Eating Murderers

Dive inside the twisted minds of some of the most heinous serial killers in history with this true-crime trove of stories about cannibalistic murderers.

Delving deep into the twisted actions of Hannibal Lecter–type murderers, Cannibal Serial Killers profiles the depraved individuals who prolong their horrific crimes beyond the thrill of the chase to a perverse ritualized finale. More than just stomach-churning stories, this terrifying book provides precise accounts and fascinating insights into the crimes of 14 cannibalistic killers from all over the world, including:

ALBERT FISH, who spent nine days feasting
on the remains of an innocent little girl

JEFFREY DAHMER, whose refrigerator was packed
with the body parts of his 17 victims

ANDREI CHIKATILO, who brutally slayed and
dismembered 53 people in southeastern Russia

FRITZ HAARMANN, who drank his victims’ blood
and sold their flesh on the black market

STANLEY BAKER, who cut out a young man’s heart
and devoured it while it was still beating

JOACHIM KROLL, who cooked a stew of carrots, potatoes
and a small child’s hand

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