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Can I Be Her?

Reclaiming Our Divine Identity as Modern Proverbs 31 Women by Leading a Life of Faith

Kimberly J. Chandler offers a fresh perspective on the often-misunderstood Proverbs 31 scripture, reexamining its unattainable standards of perfection and highlighting the character of this 21st-century modern woman to show you how to reclaim your divine identity and transform into your best self.

Do you want to live a more balanced life with purpose?

Kimberly Chandler believed she did. She’s the wife of NBA star Tyson Chandler, mother to three beautiful children, a writer, human rights ambassador, and vocal advocate in the fight against blood cancer. She even received the “fashion stamp of approval” from Vogue’s Anna Wintour. But none of her personal accomplishments ever fully fulfilled her, and she struggled with questions that you may ask yourself: “Who am I, really? Am I enough? Why am I here?” And so, she picked up her Bible and opened it to Proverbs 31 to seek answers.

In Can I Be Her? Kimberly encourages women of all ages and backgrounds, single and married, to discover their authentic identity, value, and purpose as a beloved daughter of God by examining one of the most misapplied passages in the Bible. To help make sense of it all, Kimberly invites us into her personal journey of faith, with transparency that’s vulnerable and inspiring. Her testimony will be a guide as we:

* Learn how to operate with optimal balance in the various areas of our life including: health, relationships, and career.

* Draw lessons from the verses and develop a personal “game plan” to fulfill our purpose for today.

* Discover the barricades and lies designed to prevent us from recognizing our value in Jesus, our worth as women, and God’s unconditional love.

* Understand how to use our Divine Tools: Bible, “Praying Scripture,” Praise, Worship, and Thanksgiving, to lead a life of faith.

You can use this book as a study and meditation with a group, or read it cover to cover, and allow Can I Be Her? to help you become who you were created to be and live a more peaceful life.

Photograph by Chudo Nomi

Kimberly J. Chandler is a wife, mother, writer, philanthropist, and ambassador. As a graduate of Columbia College Chicago, with a degree in journalism, she has combined her passions of faith, fashion, and writing with the need to raise spiritual and social awareness. Her love for people has inspired her to share the Word of God with her local communities and, ultimately, the world. This has become her personal mission and purpose. Can I Be Her? is her first book.