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Cabbage Rose

Illustrated by Julie Downing

Struggling with her idea of self-worth, Cabbage Rose lands in a magical kingdom that helps rid her feelings of inferiority in order to make her dreams come true in this inspiring book for young readers.

For as long as she can remember, Cabbage’s brothers have mocked her and called her plain. Not knowing what to think of herself, Cabbage can’t help but believe that they’re right. That is until Cabbage meets a traveling magician that gives her the means to find out her fortune and discover her self worth.

Finding herself in a magical kingdom, Cabbage falls in love with a handsome prince, but she learns that she must overcome her feelings of inferiority in order for her dreams to come true.

Julie Downing’s vivid jewel-tone watercolor illustrations paired with the enchanting writing of Mary-Claire Helldorfer share the joy of painting through a fairy-tale kingdom that lets Cabbage’s own gifts shine.

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