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Brain Teasers

211 Logic Puzzles, Lateral Thinking Games, Mazes, Crosswords, and IQ Tests to Exercise Your Mind and Keep You Sharp 'til You're 100

A great way to have fun and build brain power, Brain Teasers offers a variety of games to delight and challenge even the most advanced puzzler.

Welcome to Brain Teasers. You’ll be trying to solve a sequence of puzzles for which you will be scored. The resulting total will determine how big your brain is, and how well you use it. The puzzles will tend to get harder and harder as you progress further.

Brain Teasers shows off some outrageously fun new mindbenders, like:

  • Anasearches (a combination of an anagram, a crossword, and a word search),
  • Numberlockers (think of a crossword puzzle with numbers instead of words),
  • Alphabetics (a miniature crossword puzzle that uses each letter of the alphabet exactly once).
  • And more!

Perfect for anyone who sits down with the New York Times crossword puzzle every morning or works through Sudoku puzzles on the way home, this book is guaranteed to excite your mind and jump-start your brain.

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