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Blabac Photo

The Art of Skateboarding Photography

Contributions by J. Grant Brittain and Jake Phelps / Designed by Yolanda Cuomo / Photographer Mike Blabac

"It's rad what I do." -Mike Blabac

Blabac Photo: The Art of Skateboarding Photography is astunning chronicle of a youth movement as seen throughthe lens of Mike Blabac, a man who is as dedicated to hiscraft as he is to the skateboarding lifestyle that inspired it.For millions of people around the world, skateboarding ismore than a mere hobby or a sport-it's a way of life thathas shaped everything from fashion and music, to videogames and art. Blabac Photo proves that point with 300awe-inspiring images that communicate the stories andexploits of some of the most creative athletes to ever stepon a skateboard including Eric Koston, Stevie Williams,Colin McKay, Rob Dyrdek, and Danny Way. As skateboardingevolved over time, from a hobby for kids on the Veniceboardwalk into a global culture, skate legends were born,records were broken, titans of industry materialized-andMike Blabac was there to document the history of themovement as it developed before his eyes.