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Big Tech Tyrants

How Silicon Valley's Stealth Practices Addict Teens, Silence Speech, and Steal Your Privacy

Published by Bombardier Books
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

As seen on Tucker Carlson

They are driven without respect for the lives they are changing…

“Boy Kings,” or Big Tech Tyrants, are considered the most powerful individuals in the world. They’re the autocratic aristocrats who run the tech giants in Silicon Valley, and if the labels are accurate, they suggest these social platform operators have gained a non-elected (or, should we say, a self-elected) authoritarian power. They wield it with more effectiveness and precision than any sitting government or military strategist.

Big Tech Tyrants boast riches beyond emperors of old but act like juveniles who don’t want to grow up. They are modern-day robber barons. Big Tech Tyrants don’t know the meaning of privacy, when it comes to you. They try to make you believe they will give their products away for free as a service to society, when really, they are vacuuming your personal data. They use this data to discover your deepest secrets. Are you or your partner trying to get pregnant? Are you underwater financially? Are you having an extramarital affair? Do you have a tidy nest egg? Are you a Trump supporter? Are you a Bernie Sanders follower? Are you a Scientologist, Mormon, Christian, or Buddhist? Your personal data is extremely valuable to them—and they use it—and abuse. These tyrants knowingly addict users to make more money. Not only that, they also consider themselves the most enlightened the world has ever seen—so they know what’s best for you to see—from the news and information you read to the political candidates they think you should vote for. They censor news and only let you see what they want you to see. This is an eye-opening must read for anyone living in the twenty-first century!

About The Authors

Product Details

  • Publisher: Bombardier Books (September 3, 2019)
  • Length: 240 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781642932904

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Raves and Reviews

"Most Americans have no idea of how much information Google, Amazon, and Facebook have gathered on them. Big Tech Tyrants is your reference guide into the world of big data surveillance without the jargon. It will help you understand why privacy matters."

– Wayne Allyn Root, Radio and TV Personality

"Floyd Brown and Todd Cefaratti as digital publishers have had a front row seat to watch the changes in technology that have revolutionized: news, politics, and commerce. They will provide you insights into how Big Tech Tyrants use data to manipulate how and what you think. These companies make you dance to their tune."

– Mike Huckabee, Former Governor and Host of Huckabee

"I have spent my career in business, politics, and media. These three sectors of our economy have been whipsawed by technological changes. Big Tech Tyrants is the most comprehensive exposé I have seen about the dark side of the forces of big data collection and the misuse of it by large tech firms."

– Herman Cain, Former CEO and Media Commentator

"Brown and Cefaratti provide brilliant insight as to how the collection of personal data is daily misused and exploited by the modern-day robber barons of Silicon Valley. Until you read Big Tech Tyrants, you won’t understand how much data these firms collect and how they use it to manipulate your very reality."

– David Bossie, Deputy Campaign Manager, Trump for President

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