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Beyond Bacon

Paleo Recipes that Respect the Whole Hog

Foreword by Joel Salatin / Photographs by Aimee Buxton

Beyond Bacon pays homage to the humble hog by teaching you how to make more than a hundred recipes featuring cuts from the entire animal. While bacon might be the most popular part of the pig for those following the paleo diet, there is a plethora of other delicious and nutrient dense cuts to enjoy.

Pastured pork is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), the "good fats" our doctors want us to eat. Beyond Bacon breaks the myths behind this often eschewed meat and shows you how create delectable dishes that are grain-, legume-, dairy-, and refined sugar-free. Beyond Bacon allows you to improve your health and the environment by focusing on sustainable swine.

Don't let the dried out pork of your youth scare you away. All the recipes in Beyond Bacon are elegant yet approachable, making it the ultimate cookbook for the foodie in you. You¦ll find:

  • Grain-free Pie Crust, made with lard,
  • Perfect Pork Chops, better than most restaurant steaks,
  • Swedish Meatballs with liver gravy,
  • Pho Soup with chitterling "noodles",
  • instructions on how to properly BBQ and make your own sauces, and
  • a guide to rendering your own CLA-rich lard and how to cook with it.

Beyond Bacon delivers mouth-watering photos for each delicious recipe. With a rustic aesthetic and appreciation for tradition, Beyond Bacon recreates the rich and wonderful food perfected generations ago in a healthful way.

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