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Beneath the Mask

Book #1 of Drifter

There is just a thin veneer of civilization that masks the savagery that lies within us all.

Military policeman Alexander Cray built his life around a code that gave value to a promise and meaning to a commitment. Then the rumors start that the whole earth is under siege. Is it an alien invasion or terrorist attacks? Is MacDill Air Force Base near Tampa, Florida now just a glowing crater? 

All that is sure is that Tampa is quarantined and Cray is led on a trek across a panic-stricken, lawless metropolis.

Stephen A. North is a Florida native. He has a BA in English Literature from USF. He served in the Army Reserve as a military policeman from 1984 to 1990. His first "real" job was making camera bellows when he was sixteen. From there he worked in the fast food industry, a book store, then three major retailers.

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