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From Passion and Purpose to Product and Prosperity

What happens when three powerhouse women get together for a candid late-night conversation about the challenges of launching and scaling a business? Destiny unfolds, and a movement of female empowerment begins to take shape.


“This group of amazing women have made it so the ideas flying around in my head that I always shoo away, have the courage to be voiced. MY ideas are good and they are needed. I was dimming my own light for fear of what others think. NO MORE! Thank you, thank you, thank you Ashley, Korie, and Lisa.”
Crystal Baker – Greenville, SC – Entrepreneur

“The three of you amazing ladies have made me realize that I do have purpose and I do have passion. I am currently turning my passion into a business. This group has given purpose for that, and I thank you.”
Judy Cennami – Portsmouth, NH – Owner of Judyblueart

“This movement has inspired me that I AM an unstoppable creation, with endless possibilities. This book is vital for women because it ignites the Divine Feminine on a journey of metamorphosis to integrate their knowledge and take soul-aligned actions!”
Red Salvation – Orlando, FL – CEO of Skin Salvation Solutions

“The writing of the book has enriched my entire essence. I have been reminded my destiny is determined by where I direct my energy. I am grateful to Ashley, Korie, and Lisa for all that has been given—Namaste.”
Sheila Berry – Madera, CA – Intuitive Empath and Healer, Motivator, Health and Life Coach

“When I joined this group, I was apprehensive as I don’t have a product or own my own business. Well, this experience has changed me in a way I never thought possible. I now realize I AM the product.”
Trish Toohey – El Segundo, CA – American Airlines

“Thank you, ladies, for an amazing experience, and for making me aware that I can be the owner of my life and the boss of my own thinking. I am writing the book of my life.”
Lucyane Bouchardet – Wurtsboro, NY – Professional Signer

“2020 shattered me. I never thought I would start another business. Yet here I am working full time and passionately using every free moment to plan, learn, and put into action a new venture. From no time, no money, and no hope, to BE…coming whole again.”
Marcie Bodifor – Eustis, FL – Owner of M&M Moments and Media

Ashley Black, #1 bestselling author of The Cellulite Myth, was named ABA’s Entrepreneur of the Year 2020 for her development of tissue regenerating products, including her inaugural record-breaking tool, the FasciaBlaster®. After surviving a debilitating childhood illness, followed by a near-death experience in her thirties, Ashley’s life purpose has been to help others with their health. Through her success in consumer products, she is now expanding her purpose to helping others with their own passions to bring their ideas to fruition. This book is her quantum jump into empowering women with the strategies, tools, and support they need to be free and unbridled and share their special gifts with the world through business.

Lisa Vrancken is a globally sought-after media brand strategist, public speaker, product consultant, and marketing expert who has mentored hundreds on their entrepreneurial journeys. She is an award-winning television producer, and creator of the Innovator’s Think Tank, a quarterly product pitching event that draws entrepreneurs and innovators from all over the world. She is EVP at and Shark Discoveries, specializing in TV and digital media campaigns with Kevin Harrington, original Shark from the Emmy award-winning reality TV show, Shark Tank.

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