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Basic Bitchen

100+ Everyday Recipes—from Nacho Average Nachos to Gossip-Worthy Sunday Pancakes—for the Basic Bitch in Your Life

Pour a glass of rosé and embrace your inner basic bitch with these 100+ everyday recipes, complete with tips and tricks for cooking “basic” meals you know you shamelessly love.

In a world where everyone seeks to be special and pride themselves on their differences, there is one common bond that unites us all—basicness. And while some rock the Ugg boots and drink pumpkin spice lattes more than others, we can all still appreciate the simple pleasures that mimosas, avocado toast, and acai bowls bring. And that’s okay!

Basic Bitchen celebrates and embraces the basic bitch lifestyle through food, offering step-by-step recipes for the most fundamental (and delicious) of all dishes. Recipes include:
-Basic Bitch Lifeblood, a.k.a. the Pumpkin Spice Latte
-Mom’s Definitely-Not-Sicilian Sicilian Caesar Salad
-“I Could Eat This, Like, Every Day” Sushi Rolls
-A Deeply Personal Cauliflower Pizza
-Way Too Easy (If You Know What I Mean) One-Sheet Pan Dinners
-Antidepressant Red Velvet Cake Pops

In addition to these easy, flavorful crowd-pleasing recipes, Chowhound editor Joey Skladany provides tips and tricks, such as how to build a pantry and cooking tools that every chef needs so you can take your cooking skills beyond the microwave and make meals all of your friends will enjoy.

Chapter 1: Basic Bevs 1 Basic Bevs
Aside from crafting, organizing, complaining, cozying up to a pet or nonexistent boyfriend, and snacking while watching Netflix, there’s nothing a basic bitch loves more than sipping.

The simple action, whether through a straw, delicately from a mug, or sloppily from a Solo cup, can yield a world of possibilities: hydration, sustenance, relaxation, stimulation, and, perhaps our favorite state, drunkenness. But the liquid game is constantly evolving. While basic bitch staples such as pumpkin spice lattes and rosé certainly aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, they’re now adorned with edible flowers and the like, infused with trendy herbal tinctures, or reimagined with different colors, ingredients, and preparations. And I’m here for it.

This bevy of bevs, ranging from familiar to trendy, healthy to alcoholic, is a basic bitch mealtime necessity. They’re also the perfect drinks for after-work happy hours, spontaneous cocktail soirees, and preplanned gatherings, such as sorority retreats or Rodan + Fields “parties.” So raise your glass to a new catalog of delicious offerings that you can now cheers with your favorite gays and girlfriends.

Joey Skladany is a NYC-based writer/editor, TV/radio personality, and editor-at-large for Chowhound. His work has been featured in outlets like Food & Wine, People, InStyle, Travel + Leisure, and BuzzFeed. Prior to a career in editorial, he served as the lead publicist for hit TLC shows like Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, My Strange Addiction, and My Crazy Obsession. In his spare time, he enjoys volleyball, traveling, worshipping Beyoncé, writing depressing poetry, interior design, and perfecting his stand-up comedy routine. He’s also been struck by lightning—quite the shocking experience.

“Not only does Chowhound’s debut cookbook include 100 delicious and simple recipes, but Joey Skladany’s hilarious running narrative will make you spit out your pumpkin spice latte!” —Anja S., Senior Editor, on Basic Bitchen

“You will definitely LOL while cooking and reading this one, which has recipes like Basic Bitch Lifeblood, a.k.a. the Pumpkin Spice Latte, ‘I Could Eat This, Like, Every Day’ Sushi Rolls, and Way Too Easy (If You Know What I Mean) One-Sheet Pan Dinners.”Cosmopolitan, 14 Cookbooks That’ll Transform That Sad Bag of Groceries Into a Gourmet Meal

"In this humorously irreverent debut cookbook, Chowhound editor-at-large Skladany presents over 100 "tried-and-true recipes that are not only delicious but super easy to make." He opens with beverages—including a frosé, made with rosé and frozen strawberries, and a nonalcoholic pumpkin spice latte—and quick appetizers that can be prepared in 20 minutes or less, such as avocado toast and caprese salad with burrata cheese. Many of the entrees are healthy options, including sheet pan salmon with lemon-dill dressing and black bean-quinoa burgers, but there are also plenty of indulgent dishes as well, grilled cheese with cheesy fries and truffle macaroni and cheese among them. Desserts feature palatable fare such as chocolate chip cookies and strawberry macaroons, while a chapter on brunch offers classic dishes like chicken and waffles and quiche. Less experienced cooks will appreciate the tips that Skladany sprinkles throughout ("I opted for margarine… because it has a higher melting point than butter"), and may chuckle at some racy recipe introductions ("My grandma says if she’s not dead by ninety, she’ll become a heroin addict"; "Boys on Grindr looking for ‘friends’ are like me walking into a Chinese restaurant and looking for bok choy"). The recipes are straightforward and easy to follow, making this book a reliable resource for home cooks looking to build a repertoire." —Publishers Weekly