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Baby Sign Language (Enhanced)

Published by Thunder Bay Press
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

Hey baby, what’s your sign?

What’s your baby thinking? You might be surprised. Babies have a lot to say, and they learn signs and gestures long before they are able to articulate themselves through speech. Inside Baby Sign Language discover through signing what your baby wants and needs, and also sign back to have a conversation of sorts, thus engaging in clear communication and establishing trust and understanding. Also, it just makes child rearing easier when you know what your baby is trying to say to you. 


* Offers a foundation to establish communication between adult and child.
* Perfect for parents, caretakers, or anyone who wants to communicate with little learners.
* Includes a 128-page book, a DVD, and 64 flashcards.
* The DVD features an adorable family with a toddler and twin babies.


Baby Sign Language is a great resource for adults who want to encourage communication with the babies in their lives.

Sarah Christensen Fu was online marketing manager at Simon & Schuster until January 2012, at which time she elected to work independently at home with her three preschoolers. Prior to working at Simon & Schuster, she was Online Content Coordinator at Penguin Books. Among her accomplishments there, she was trained in video and post-production techniques, and then scripted, directed and shot the 10 Essential Penguin Classics, for which she was awarded a "David" prize, the annual awards show for excellence at Penguin.
She has an MA in Media, Culture & Communication, New York University's Steinhart School and a BA in Communication & Ethics from University of Colorado, Denver.
Since beginning her career as an independent contractor, Sarah has sold her first adult mystery novel to Simon & Schuster and continues to do videography for all events hosted by the American Book Producers Association.

She lives in Brooklyn, New York