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BMAT Complete Self-Study Programme

6 Practice Tests for the BMAT Book + Qbank + Video

Published by Kaplan Test Prep
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

Kaplan’s BMAT Complete Self-Study Programme provides you with the most complete BMAT study and practice tools available—all in one integrated system. In total, your Self-Study Programme comes with over 1,300 BMAT questions. The directions and unique code for access will be shrink-wrapped together with your 6 Practice Tests for the BMAT, Second Edition, book.

Your Self-Study Programme includes:

  • 6 Practice Tests for the BMAT, Second Edition, book 
  • 800+ practice questions in the BMAT Question Bank 
  • 10 hours of video lessons
  • BMAT Strategy ebook with even more questions

This programme includes updates across all sections to reflect the latest, most accurate, and most test-like revision for the BMAT, with 6 full-length practice tests in the book and over 1,300 BMAT questions in total.

Build your test readiness and confidence through 6 full-length practice tests, which you can choose to sit with the paper-based version in the book with downloadable in-depth explanations or in an online test interface. Detailed score reports and in-depth explanations for every question help you improve, as does Kaplan’s essay-marking service.

Then, go online to improve your speed and accuracy on each section of the BMAT by building customised quizzes from over 800 items in the Question Bank. 

While online, find comprehensive section review and strategies in the BMAT Strategy Book ebook, along with 10 hours of video lessons from Kaplan’s expert BMAT instructors, to ensure you have all the practice and strategies you will need on Test Day. 

All material has been authored by the experts behind the BMAT prep course that has helped thousands of students get into medical school in the UK.

Efficient Strategies and In-Depth Revision
  • Guided examples with expert thinking in the BMAT Strategy Book ebook, along with 10 hours of video lessons, present score-building tips and walk you through challenging test-like questions
  • Learn the basics of BMAT arguments and time-saving maths techniques for BMAT Section 1
  • Review detailed notes on the most commonly tested topics in BMAT Section 2, with updated advice on answering these questions quickly and effectively
  • Practise writing concise, effective essays using Kaplan’s tips and strategies for BMAT Section 3
  • Test tips address common mistakes and how to avoid them on Test Day
Test-like Practice
  • 6 realistic full-length practice tests. Sit the practice tests in the paper-based format using the book and our downloadable, printable answer sheets.
  • Over 800 practice questions in the BMAT Question Bank help you increase speed and accuracy with all the different BMAT question types
  • Detailed answer explanations written by our experts help you determine your strengths and weaknesses and improve your performance.
  • One year of access to all these practice tests, quizzes, instructional videos, practice questions, and the BMAT Question Bank. The 12 months of access begin when you register your Complete Self-Study Programme.
Expert Guidance
  • Comprehensive strategies and test-taking tips written by top-rated, award-winning Kaplan instructors who guide you on where to focus your efforts and how to organise your revision.
  • We know the test. The writers of Kaplan’s BMAT programme have spent years studying all the official BMAT questions. Kaplan’s BMAT editors scored in the 90th percentile on the BMAT. Our experts ensure our practice questions and study materials are true to the test. 
  • We invented test preparation—Kaplan has been helping students achieve their goals for over 80 years. Our proven strategies have helped legions of students achieve their dreams.

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