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Archibald Finch and the Lost Witches

History, magic, and adventure collide in this riveting middle-grade fantasy novel about an unusual boy who discovers his secret past—and the mysterious forces at work to destroy it. Together with a band of witches, Archibald Finch must use his peculiar gifts to save his friends, their world, and himself!

Archibald is a nervous boy with a powerful mind. Or so it seems, given the obscure names and facts he retrieves with ease. But Archibald doesn’t know how or where he’s learned what he knows—a fact that earns him plenty of eye-rolls from his older sister, Hailee.
When Archibald’s parents move the family from London to a 56-room manor house in the English countryside, he isn’t exactly pleased. The house, which used to belong to his grandmother, is huge and creepy and comes with an ogre-like butler. But these turn out to be the least of Archibald’s concerns . . . 
One day, as he’s exploring the cavernous house, Archibald finds a curious globe that whisks him away to another world entirely! While his parents call the authorities, Archibald finds himself on a thrilling adventure full of secrets, twists, and strange beasts, and Hailee, who witnessed her brother’s sudden disappearance, embarks on a daring quest find him.