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Arachne Speaks

Illustrated by Blair Drawson

Orb weavers!
Weavers of tangled nets!
All eight-legged ones...
Cast to the four winds
my story's thread.

Arachne, classical literature's most famous weaver exhorts her spider minions in this epic adaptation of a famous Greek myth.
The talented, rebellious teenage Arachne here tells her own story in unforgettable words. She speaks of her impoverished childhood and lonely, steadfast pursuit of excellence in a bold, passionate voice. Her unshakable belief in herself and persistent questioning of divine authority lead to a dramatic confrontation with the goddess Athena, a fateful weaving contest, and an unexpected transformation.
Poet Kate Hovey's lyrical verse and Blair Drawson's stunning artwork together create a timeless rendering of the ancient struggle between the headstrong Arachne and the powerful Athena.

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