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The Strange Guests at the Mallard Hotel

Book #1 of Apparitions

To save his fiancé, kidnapped by an evil entity, reporter Martin Stewart must put aside his disbelief in the paranormal and do battle with the unknown. 

Skeptical reporter Martin Stewart, along with his fiancé Seville, journey to the old Mallard hotel to join a ghosthunting investigation. After a series of horrific events, Seville disappears. To find his fiancé, Martin soon learns he’ll have to put aside his fears and mistrust to help the ghosthunters do battle with whatever is haunting the Mallard and find Seville—no matter what the cost.

For the past 40 years I have been an illustrator and writer. As an artist, I have exhibited in The Smithsonian, worked for Warner Bros. and Disney and been able to travel the world with the Air Force creating works of art for the National Archives. With them, I even went as far as McMurdo Base in the Antarctic along with James Cameron. As a writer, it has been my privilege to see my published works, my offspring, doing so well out in the world. Thank you my readers! I live in Florida now where I teach college (Game Art Design for the Art Institute) and do K-9 Search & Rescue with my dog Thor. I also host a talk show each Monday night, at 7PM, EST, at My guests are exciting authors who talking about their newest books and their approaches to writing. My goals are to continue to bring you intriguing and exciting stories to read, and, help find the lost with my K9 partner, Thor.

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